The best way to learn tech and gain a solid foundation for a career in tech is by getting involved in solving real problems. TechSchool provides an ideal learning experience by engaging students to assess, diagnose and design solutions for real businesses and community organisations under the supervision of our industry-experienced tutors. Here is an example of one of TechSchool's industry projects.

InZone & TechSchool


InZone is provides a very helpful platform for secondary school students who’ve shown successful academic outcomes but simply happen to live out of zone, to attend some higher decile schools. InZone facility in Mt Eden needed a tech upgrade and TechSchool students made the initial assessment and started working on upgrading their server by assembling a server from scratch here at TechSchool campus in Avondale.


After successfully assembling the server, students made their way to InZone facility to complete the installation, upgrade the operating system and test to ensure functionality.

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