TechSchool collaborates with Vodafone and engages students to explore scholarships with Vodafone’s technology development initiative. Some of our Level 7 Computing star students – Valerie, Finn, Aaron and Isaac were offered the exciting internship opportunity, where they got to spend time at Vodafone HQ in Smales Farm.  

TechSchool students at Vodafone HQ

Get industry experience while studying

Vodafone Internship programme was a great opportunity for our students to shake off some of the nerves and get a glimpse of what it is work in a corporate environment with other tech-minded professionals.

Learn how tech companies run

A global operation like Vodafone tend to have large corporate governing structures, many departments that run concurrently to ensure the services are delivered smoothly, first time, every time. A qualified tech professional has to expand their skillset to stay on the pulse with the voice of the customer, internal communications and marketing. Every operation is linked to the other areas of the business and making this feedback loop work is dependent on good tech solutions. Our students got to experience this first hand in two weeks.