Technology is changing the way we live our lives – home, work and social. The way we learn needs to catch up! We feel that we are leading this way of thinking, where technology should play a more significant role in our classroom and change the way it looks, feels and more importantly how it sets up our students for success.

We run a host of workshops and community-focused tech events with the aim of engaging our students with the local community. Demystifying tech is an important mission for us here at TechSchool and with access to our modern facilities, we are able to deliver a great learning experience while adding value to the community.

Our Campuses

Avondale campus

Avondale campus is a mix between computer labs, workshops and a chill out lounge. Walking distance from Lynnmall, New Lynn transport hub, gyms, cafes and bars, our students get to experience a great academic environment and social life. Our students know when to put their heads down and get into hackathon mode when necessary and have a few laughs afterwards. Modern, warm and vibrant space is just minutes away from New Lynn and Avondale’s busy social spaces. 

New Lynn campus

Right next door to Lynnmall, Brickworks precinct and all the amenities New Lynn's vibrant social hub has to offer, New Lynn campus hosts ongoing workshops in addition to regular programmes. Focused, small learning environments with access to WIFI, programme-related and self-learning resources readily available.  

Manukau campus

Across the road from Manukau transport hub, Westfield mall and shops, our campuses in Osterley way and Ryan place hold a range of programmes, and ongoing workshops and community-centred events. With access to all relevant online resources along with our student support team and academic staff promote a vibrant, multicultural and family-orientated ambience. 

CBD campus

Right in the heart of the CBD, our campus in Federal street is across the road from Sky City, quick walk down Queen street shops, Britomart transport hub, cinemas and everything the bustling CBD has to offer. With access to WIFI, all relevant online resources, the CBD campus is constantly abuzz with activity and regular social events. 


Bring your own device (BYOD) transforms students’ experience of learning by enabling them to use their own devices to access learning materials and resources 24/7 on any campus and from home or any other place where they can connect to the internet.   

NZSE campuses with their dedicated premium fibre optic internet connections are designed to support student learning through the use of students’ own devices.  

Minimum existing device specifications for IT Students: 

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